dynamic and future oriented

In 2018, the company New Power Vision was founded in London, a cosmopolitan city. A metropolis in which everything is possible, it is full of opportunities and innovations and here I decided to test myself, but above all to give you the chance to make your dreams come true. The vision of the company is basically for this: the power to realize our dreams in the vision of our life. The stronger and clearer our vision of our future will be, more real opportunities we will have to realize our dreams.  

The symbol of New Power Vision is the graphic representation of the company’s values. The background is white, like a sheet on which you can draw your future, exactly as you imagine and want it. The name is written in black, the color par excellence that recalls concepts such as elegance and authority. On the other hand, the blue hawk that sends an idea of trust, security, and reflection, key elements to start a path devoted to success. Finally, the golden yellow which gives the right dose of dynamism, positivity, and growth.

We are a young and dynamic company that believes in the power of dreams and the ability to achieve concrete goals. We are convinced that Coaching is the privileged way to improve people’s lives and in this way we want to help you to change your life, giving you the chance to realize your desires and improve your existence qualitatively.

The mission of New Power Vision is to create Coaching paths that adapt like a second skin to your needs so that you can transform your dream into a concrete result.

Do you want to improve your personal life, make profitable your studies or finish university with excellent results?

Do you have so many ideas for your future, but you don’t know how to define and implement your goals?

Do you want to set up a startup, but you have difficulty to focus on the steps necessary to carry out your project?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to give new impetus to your company? Or maybe do you realize that your team needs more cohesion, motivation, and momentum?

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your goal is: we will develop a Coaching path that suits you and we will ensure that you can realize your dreams in the shortest possible time.

Discover your "superpowers"

Created by sachin modgekarfrom the Noun Project


Coaching works on you, on the 4 areas that influence your life: personal life, health, business, and relationships.
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A path you will be able to memorize in a short time and with little effort all those notions that you need to come out on top from a challenge.
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The founder

Professional Coach, Speaker, author of best seller, Mental Maps Trainer


Hello! My name is Riccardo Diana, I am a professional coach and I have a story to tell you. One day by chance I came across a video on Facebook, which explained in detail what Coaching was: It was a bolt from the blue! That video changed my life, the vision I had of the world and the prospects for my future to such an extent that I decided to become in my turn a Coach to help others improve their lives.

In 2014 I left for my biggest adventure: I enrolled in the Micap to follow a three-year course, at the end of which I would have obtained the title of Senior Real Result Coach. What I didn’t know yet was that this course would change my life radically and forever. At the end of the three years of studies, at the official school of the founders Richard Bandler and John LaValle, I obtained the certificate of Master Practitioner and Coach in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). This school is one of the few that issues the certifications only to those who successfully pass very hard tests and rigorous examinations.  You will also be able to achieve the success you deserve and the personal satisfaction that, so far, you had always missed, thanks to the use of Mnemotechny and Mental Maps.


Founder, New Power Vision

I put myself and my real intention to achieve concrete goals to the test, facing complex experiences with the determination that helped me to internalize the skills needed to face future challenges. I attended a survival course living for a week in the woods in extreme conditions, then I participated in the New York marathon where I finished the running in 4 hours and 30 minutes, also I wrote a best seller and I worked as a Tutor, supporting the new students enrolled in the course.

At the end of that course, in addition to the certifications of the prestigious school, I acquired the fundamental coaching protocols and understood that the goal of my life is to help you too